It’s My *!@#! Chair!

   Laurens City Police were dispatched to a residence on Conway Avenue a few minutes before 2 o’clock yesterday morning. It was the same residence where officers had been called to the previous night on a dispute between the man and woman who live there. The matter was resolved with no charges at that time.  

  Early yesterday morning, Sgt. Joey Pittman arrived and stood at the door where he reports hearing the man inside yelling profanity. He allegedly was heard yelling “this is by (blankety-blank) chair! and continued to yell and curse until the officer knocked on the door. In a conversation, the man reportedly told Sgt. Pittman “I don’t got to listen to this (blank). The woman said she was just trying to go to sleep but the boyfriend would not quite arguing over who owns the furniture or the house. The boyfriend reportedly kept interrupting the officer’s conversation with his girlfriend. 54-year-old Cherry Jones, also known as “Shine,” of 204 Conway Avenue, Laurens was arrested on a Breach of Peace charge as of 2:15 am and placed in the Johnson Detention Center. He was released later in the day yesterday on a $252 personal recognizance bond.