I’ll Get You Out of Jail”


Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Brent Rushing was dispatched to a location on Metric Road at 8:12 Saturday night on report of an assault. A woman at the scene indicated there had been an argument between herself, a man who was also still at the scene, and her common law spouse, who had left the scene. The boyfriend had allegedly struck the other man on the side of his face with an open hand, and when his girlfriend had tried to stop the assault, he allegedly pushed her down. She and the other man said they didn’t want to press charges for the alleged assaults. Detecting an odor of alcohol, the deputy was told that they folks had been drinking heavily that day.

  About twenty minutes after Deputy Rushing left the scene, he was dispatched back on a report the boyfriend had returned. According to the woman, the boyfriend had a shotgun and was pointing it at her. On the deputies arrival, the man was reportedly putting a shotgun back into his pickup that was parked in the driveway. Deputies placed the man under arrest and documented two shotguns in the truck. As victim notification forms were being processed, the woman reportedly began to yell to the boyfriend that she loved him and would get him out of jail. She told deputies she did not want to press charges.

   Deputies placed 47-year-old Alfred Edward “Ed” Buice of 4607 Metric Road, Laurens in the Johnson Detention Center, obtain a warrant and charged him with Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature. A warrant accuses him of pointing a gun at his common law spouse Saturday. Ed Buice was being held in the Johnson Detention center earlier today, pending arraignment on the charge.