County Council Kicks off New Year

     Last night was the first Laurens County Council Meeting of the New Year, and the first order of business was to elect council chair and vice chair. 

     The meeting was temporarily turned over to Laurens County Attorney Sandy Cruickshanks to conduct the nominations and vote.

     There were no changes made, as council reelected Jim Coleman for another two year term as chair, and Ed McDaniel for another two years as vice chair.

     Coleman told those in attendance that he felt honored to be able to serve again and thanked the council for their confidence.

    The second item for discussion was the acceptance of Stewart Dairy Road into the county system for maintenance, which was requested by Scott Holland, director of public works, and was approved unanimously. The road is located in the upper region of the county between Fountain Inn and the Owings Community.  It was constructed in October of 2008, which qualifies it as passing the minimum three year trial period and has also passed all the necessary inspections.

     In the administrative report, County Administrator Ernie Segars discussed with council the possibility of scheduling a county planning session. Segars reminded council that they had not held a planning session in years and that there were many issues that needed to be looked into this year.

Some of the topics that Segars felt needed to be discussed were things like finding new county office space due to concerns about health and safety issues at the Church Street complex.  

     There was also a report of staffing issues regarding paramedics and the need for additional staff for the detention center, in order to meet regulations.

     Council agreed to meet on January 29th then discussed who needed to join council for the session. Due to the potential urgency of the detention center issue, it was decided that Major Hudson would be included in the first part of the session.