Top Ten Bible Misquotes from Children

#10… Jesus was born because Mary had an immaculate contraption.  

#9 … Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree Noah’s wife was Joan of Ark.

#8 …Lot’s wife was a pillar of salt during the day, but a fall of fire during the night.

#7 … Samson slayed the Philistines with the axe of the apostles. 

#6 … Jews were a proud people and throughout history they had trouble with unsympathetic Genitals.

#5  …The first commandment was when Adam told Eve to eat the apple.

#4 …The 7th commandment was Thou Shalt Not Admit adultery.

#3 … One of the opossums was St. Matthew, who was also a taxi-man

#2 … Christians have only one spouse. This is called monotony.

# 1 …Solomon, one of David’s sons, had 300 wives and 700 porcupines. 


Questions on Federal Opposition to SC Voter ID Law

   The new South Carolina Voter ID law was passed last year but did not go into effect for the fall’s General Election. It will be in effect in a few weeks for the upcoming municipal elections in Clinton and other local towns this spring.

  U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and U.S. Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina’s 4th District sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday renewing their request for documents pertaining to the Justice Department’s costly opposition to South Carolina’s Voter ID law.

  Last Friday, the Washington, D.C. District Court issued a unanimous decision awarding South Carolina certain litigation costs incurred while defending its Voter ID law against a Justice Department challenge.  The case cost the State of South Carolina an estimated $3.5 million.  

   The statement from Senator Graham and Congressman Gowdy stated “Not only do we strongly support the Court’s decision to award costs, we request follow up on our previous letter regarding the reasons why this costly litigation occurred in the first place.” They continued “If some, or all, of the costs associated with these actions could have been avoided by following the recommendation of career Voting Section experts, then we would like to know the reason why they were overruled.”

Over $10,000 Damage from $50 Theft

   Major damage was reported to an electrical sub-station in Laurens County yesterday from the apparent theft of copper wiring. The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to James Elledge Road at 8:48 yesterday morning where a lock had been cut off the main gate to the location at Tumblin Shoals. The gate was found standing open by the Laurens County Parks and Recreation Director on his check of the property yesterday morning. A second gate that belongs to Duke Energy was also found open, with its lock cut. A Duke Energy representative who came to the scene said the theft of the copper wire caused over $10,000 in damage to a voltage regulator and other like devices; damage caused by the theft of about $50 worth of copper wire. An adjustable wrench was laying where the copper wiring had been stolen, along with an open pack of Marlboro cigarettes.

  The company representative estimated the theft occurred between midnight and 8:15 yesterday morning, based on timbers smoldering from where the voltage regulator sparked or flashed onto the wood timbers while the copper was being taken.

Man Charged in Undercover Drug Sale

  Laurens City Police yesterday served a Drug Distribution charge on a man who is also facing time for on other matters. 34-year-old Roderick Ladelle Henderson Jr. of 747 Sullivan Street, Laurens was charged with 3rd Offense Distribution of Crack Cocaine. Laurens Detective Leann Riggott states that on October 9, 2012 Roderick Ladelle Henderson distributed a quantity of crack cocaine to a confidential informant working undercover with Laurens City Police at 109 Price Street in Laurens. She further states that he has two or more prior drug convictions.

  Henderson was also served with a Bench Warrant from Laurens Municipal Court citing he was convicted of a Simple Drug Possession charge July 12 of 2010 with a sentence imposed of 30 days or $620. Henderson also was in municipal court yesterday on another matter. He was convicted yesterday on a Driving under Suspension charge, and sentenced to $652 or 15 days. Bond on the Drug Distribution charge served yesterday was set at $20,000. Roderick Henderson remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.   

Statement of Support for Clinton Purchase Policy

  The city of Clinton purchasing policy gives preferential treatment to local businesses in the bidding process.  The current policy basically provides a credit on bids from local firms for an amount up to $300.  If a bid for the same item costs $10,000 from a business in Clinton and $9800 from a company in Charleston, the purchase would be made from the Clinton business.  Mr. Cooper said the article he was concerned about seemed to indicate that some members of council felt that this policy should be reconsidered so that the city could always purchase from the low bidder.

Mr. Cooper pointed out that the business community of Clinton was important to the entire city and all of its citizens. “Everybody that I’ve talked about sponsor something within the city. Whether it be school related, maybe Science Olympiad, they support our schools, they support our YMCA and they also sponsor events for the city.”

   Chip Cooper told council that he would like to think that the city would be happy to be able to support a local business. “I would hope that the city, in turn, would take pride in supporting local business.”

Mr. Cooper’s remarks were delivered during the public comment portion of Monday’s meeting.  Mayor Randy Randall thanked him for his comments. No action was taken.

Is Fruit a Lethal Weapon?

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Edisto Road, Gray Court on a disturbance yesterday. Deputy Brent Rushing was told that during a family argument a woman through a basket of fruit at her brother, missing his head by several inches. No injuries were observed on the 42-year-old man, but he reportedly stated the act put him in fear for his safety. The 36-year-old sister was arrested and placed in the Johnson Detention Center. She was being held overnight pending a warrant to charge her with 3rd Degree Assault.

Gun Control Stories

Congressman Jeff Duncan’s concerns on a Possible Presidential Order  

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Couple Accused of Drug Possession

  A man and woman from Southern Greenville County were arrested by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday and held for drug charges.

  Yesterday, both were served with warrants charging Possession of a Controlled Substance. They’re accused of being in possession of Hydrocodone, a Schedule III Controlled Substance, on Tuesday.

   32-year-old Patricia Ann “Tricia” Koon of 1104 McKelvey Road, Pelzer was released on a $5,000 Personal Recognizance bond.

   39-year-old Ernest Trammell Jr, also known as ‘Big E’, also from 1104 McKelvey Road, Pelzer, also had a $5,000 bond set on the possession charge. He was also charged with 2nd Offense Driving under Suspension and a cash bond of $1,275 set on that charge. “Big E” remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Theft from Youngs Fire Truck

  An Upper Laurens County Fire Department discovered a theft while taking inventory on a service truck last evening. The Laurens County Sheriff’s office was dispatched to 3333 Harris Bridge Road at 7:52 last night to investigate. A firefighter noted that sometime between December 3rd and the inventory last evening someone took an orange-colored Stihl chain saw valued at $300 from a Youngs Fire Department service truck.

Altercation Alleged

   A 38-year-old Waterloo woman reported a case of intimidation by assault to the Laurens County Sheriff’s office late yesterday morning. She indicated she had stopped on Riverfork Road to get gas accompanied by her daughter and a 56-year old man of her address. She alleges a Cross Hill man at the scene started calling her and the man with her names, saying he was going to kick the mans a@#. Apparently there has been civil court action between the subject and the woman’s daughter, and the Judge has told both parties to stay away from each other. The woman complaining about the incident indicated that the man was already at the store when she stopped for gas. Sgt. Jeffery Tucker contacted the Cross Hill man, who said no threats were made, and that the woman started the verbal exchange. The woman running the store at the time said it all happened outside and she was unable to hear what was said. No charges were considered appropriate at this time.