Altercation Alleged

   A 38-year-old Waterloo woman reported a case of intimidation by assault to the Laurens County Sheriff’s office late yesterday morning. She indicated she had stopped on Riverfork Road to get gas accompanied by her daughter and a 56-year old man of her address. She alleges a Cross Hill man at the scene started calling her and the man with her names, saying he was going to kick the mans a@#. Apparently there has been civil court action between the subject and the woman’s daughter, and the Judge has told both parties to stay away from each other. The woman complaining about the incident indicated that the man was already at the store when she stopped for gas. Sgt. Jeffery Tucker contacted the Cross Hill man, who said no threats were made, and that the woman started the verbal exchange. The woman running the store at the time said it all happened outside and she was unable to hear what was said. No charges were considered appropriate at this time.