Statement of Support for Clinton Purchase Policy

  The city of Clinton purchasing policy gives preferential treatment to local businesses in the bidding process.  The current policy basically provides a credit on bids from local firms for an amount up to $300.  If a bid for the same item costs $10,000 from a business in Clinton and $9800 from a company in Charleston, the purchase would be made from the Clinton business.  Mr. Cooper said the article he was concerned about seemed to indicate that some members of council felt that this policy should be reconsidered so that the city could always purchase from the low bidder.

Mr. Cooper pointed out that the business community of Clinton was important to the entire city and all of its citizens. “Everybody that I’ve talked about sponsor something within the city. Whether it be school related, maybe Science Olympiad, they support our schools, they support our YMCA and they also sponsor events for the city.”

   Chip Cooper told council that he would like to think that the city would be happy to be able to support a local business. “I would hope that the city, in turn, would take pride in supporting local business.”

Mr. Cooper’s remarks were delivered during the public comment portion of Monday’s meeting.  Mayor Randy Randall thanked him for his comments. No action was taken.