Two Charged with Wattsville Meth Lab Yesterday

   Two men were charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine yesterday at a Wattsville residence. One of the two is also accused of stealing power at residences in both Laurens and Clinton within a 90-day period. He is 43-year-old Terry Lavan “Taz” Burton of 8 Hammett Street, Laurens with Drug Manufacture, Disposal and Distribution. In warrants, Sheriff’s Investigator Jawarski Shelton states that Terry Burton was in possession of items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and illegally disposed of methamphetamine waste at 8 Hammett Street yesterday; and that he was in possession with intent to sell at his residence at 8 Hammett Street, within a half mile of Ford Elementary School.

   Lt. Shelton further alleges that on January 10th, 2013 inLaurensCounty 

Terry Burton did place a stolen meter inside his meter box, belonging to Laurens CPW, for the purpose of stealing the power for his own residence, at 8 Hammett Street.

   Meanwhile, Terry “Taz” Burtonis also being held for Clinton Public Safety for charges of Theft of Power and Possession of Stolen Property. A Clintonwarrant states that on October 11th, 2012 an electric meter assigned to404 North Sloan Street was found attached with the seal broken and running at 503 Academy Street, which was Mr. Burton’s residence on that date.  

   He was being held for arraignment on the County charges today in theJohnsonDetentionCenter.

   Also charged with Methamphetamine Manufacture, Illegal Disposal, and Possession with Intent within a half mile of Ford Elementary for the alleged meth lab located yesterday at 8 Hammett Streetwas 23-year-old Joshua Lee Sellars of 1010 Lee Carey Road, Laurens. He was being held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center.