Noisy Neighbor

  Laurens County Deputies were dispatched to Gentry Road near Fountain Inn at 4:34 yesterday afternoon on a report of a loud explosion that sounded like a bomb going off. Deputy Edwards noted he had heard previous reports of similar noise shaking houses in the area. Concern was expressed that the noise disturbs the horses in the area, and that if this noise should occur while a girl is riding her horse, it could have dangerous results. Deputies talked with a man from the neighborhood who was reportedly firing off a piece of metal equipment such as a mortar that was filled with black gun powder and packed with a paper towel. The idea was not to fire off a projectile, but just to make a big noise. 

  Lt. Richards and Deputy Edwards explained to the man that they didn’t think it’s legal to fire such weapons, and that the noise violates Laurens County’s noise ordinance. The man he doesn’t believe the noise ordinance exists in Laurens County. The matter was being referred to an investigator.