Gunfire Reports in Laurens Lead to Arrest

Laurens City Police were dispatched to Spring Street at 9:42 last night on several anonymous reports of gunfire in the area. On arrival officers reportedly observed a subject walking away from the area where the gunfire had been reported and towards an officer and a set of stairs leading to the Housing Projects. The subject was allegedly holding a large object that appeared to be in the shape of a handgun under his shirt.

A report from Sgt. Jared Hunnicutt and Officer Andrew Ashley states the subject ignored their command to stop walking and failed to put his hands up, that he quickly walked up the stairs and looked back at an officer while still attempting to conceal the weapon under his shirt. After he reportedly failed to stop from a second command, an officer reportedly caught up with him and stopped walking on a third command to. While checking the subject, officers indicate they located a gun on the ground about three feet from the subject. 19-year-old Antone B. Ellis Tremayne Blakely of 73 Shelton circle, Clinton was placed in investigative detention and a 22 caliber Duramatic Hi-Standard Semi-automatic weapon was secured as evidence. Blakely reportedly stated he had the gun in the woods behind Hillcrest and that he started firing it after he heard a group of people firing from Spring Street. Officers checked the locations cited on Spring Street and in the woods and found no shell casings. They then placed him under arrest for charges of Unlawful Possession of a Weapon and Discharging a Firearm in the City.

Antone B. Ellis Tremayne Blakely, also known as “Cheese,” was placed in the Johnson Detention Center, to be held for warrants being sought on the two charges.

   In case you’re wondering – we asked – Laurens City Police reportedly did NOT ask the suspect to say “cheese” while his mug shot was taken.