Knife VS Hoe


Laurens City Police were dispatched to Fleming Street Extension at 6:24 Friday evening by a woman who reported there was a man with a knife outside her residence arguing with her husband. She said that her husband was using a Hoe to defend himself from the man with the knife. Officers arrived and put the man with the knife in investigative detention. He reportedly said he was just cutting through the church yard when the other man came at him with the hoe. He said the man hit him on the head and that’s when he pulled a knife to defend himself. He also stated he had the knife because he was looking to sell it. The husband said that he did confront the suspect for crossing through his yard. The husband states that’s when the suspect pulled a knife on him, and that’s when he defended himself. The husband didn’t want to prosecute but did want the subject placed on trespass notice for his residence. Officers gave the suspect a ride home, and take his knives into evidence until he was completely sober. A report notes the man had been drinking but wasn’t intoxicated. The man said he would stay away from the complainant’s residence and would come by the police department Wednesday to get his knives.