More Burglary Reports

  Deputies had been dispatched to the 2100 address Range of Indian Mound Road at 9:23 Friday morning on an attempted Burglary. A man said his son had called him to report there was a man at the front door knocking. He told his son to get his gun and stay inside the house, and if the subject came inside to shoot him. Meanwhile, he headed home. Sgt. Matt Veal reportedly arrived at the residence and the subject’s vehicle was gone, but he did observe fresh tire tracks. Deputies received a description of a vehicle and of one of the four people inside.


  Deputies were dispatched to Sydney Lane, Gray Court at 9:32 Friday morning on a theft report. A man indicated he had received a call that the door to the residence being taken over by the mortgage company was found standing open. The water heater and an inside air conditioning unit were reportedly missing, sometime since New Year’s Eve. The items were valued at $1,300.


  Deputies were dispatched to Powerhouse Road, Ware Shoals at 12:57 yesterday afternoon on a Burglary report. The owner is living with her daughter in Greenwood, and had last been there the previous Sunday. She went by after church yesterday and discovered someone had entered through a back door, damaging the door. A crow bar was found on the kitchen floor. A dresser drawer had been removed and was found on the floor.