Burglary / Theft Reports

  Laurens County Sheriff’s Deputy Jimmy Johnson investigated two more burglary reports yesterday morning.

   At 9:01 he was dispatched to Sullivan Road, Laurens where a woman reported her brother was missing an I-Phone 4. As she gave her story, it appears she had looked in her closet to notice two I-Phone 4s and a DVD player were missing. She also talked about her daughter’s phone being taken from her locker at school. Total theft from that residence was listed at $900.

  At 11:07 yesterday morning Deputy Johnson was dispatched to Simmons Street, Wattsville where a burglary reportedly happened between 5:10 and 9:30 yesterday morning. A man said that his roommate returned home to find the rear door window was broken and glass was on the floor. The roommate called him, and he returned to find he was missing $65. He indicated his roommate was missing $45 but did not want to report it.