Top Ten Possible Reasons “He” Wasn’t Interest Last Night

#10… He had been to church Sunday, and the preacher talked about keeping your self pure. Randy, everybody knows you’re not supposed to “do it” until you’re married

#9 …It was an age-old complaint that’s had a hindrance in human relations for years.  Maybe he just had a headache

#8 …Perhaps they had just finished dinner when she became amorous and she had some salad stuck to her tooth. Green teeth are a definite turn-off

 #7 …Two words: Medical Malfunction. He was a bit older than the girlfriend. Maybe he ran out of the little blue pills at the wrong time.

 #6 … Perhaps he was engrossed with Discovery Channel. It was penguin night, after all.

 #5  …I suspect the man was a clean freak, Randy. The sight of unwashed dishes, untidy furniture, steins in the toilet bowl and soiled underwear in the chandeliers; it was all just a bit too much. It caused the hormones to settle right back where they started from.

 #4 … Maybe he suddenly realized, when the lights are down low, how much his girlfriend actually resembles Janet Reno

 #3 … He had just ridden in on East Main and had seen someone dressed as the statue of Liberty. He was so unnerved that something changed inside him.  He lost his MoJo, Randy!

 #2 …Two words: Ghanna Rea  

 # 1 …It’s strange how things change with times. Maybe he no longer found her attractive