Way Clear for Circuit Judge from Laurens

    The way has cleared for a Laurens County attorney to be elected as a new South Carolina Circuit Judge. Don Hocker of Laurens is seeking one of three new Statewide Circuit Judge positions created by the state legislature last year. One of the top three candidates for the position dropped out of the competition last week. Tuesday afternoon, the 2nd remaining candidate pulled out of the race, so it’s now expected that Don Hocker will be elected to the post when the legislature votes next Wednesday.

  Don Hocker told WLBG he will be winding down operations for his law office in Laurens over the next few moths, in order to be able to take the position this July.

  The Laurens attorney ran a strong race to being elected to one of the two judicial positions in 2010, but lost to a Greenwood County resident. The two Home Judicial Positions for the 8th Circuit are held by Buddy Griffith and Frank Addy.

   The position Don Hocker is expected to be elected to next week is one of three ‘at large’ positions created last year. The legislature also created six new positions in Family Court.

   Judge Hocker will be called on to hold court across the state, but will have his permanent office in the Laurens County Court facilities at Hillcrest Square.