How Not to See the Judge

  The Laurens County Detention Center was holding two men earlier today, after their appearance in Family Court. A 32-year-old Clinton man was cited for Failure to Appear in Court and for Failure to Pay Child Support. A 21-year-old Fountain Inn man was cited for Civil Contempt for arrearages of $995, and sentenced to 30 days or $945.

  Another Clinton man had some difficulty making an appearance for a Child Support hearing at the Laurens County Court Facilities at Hillcrest Square yesterday. When county personnel were unlocking the facility, the 30-year-old Clinton man was reportedly smoking near the door. After being asked to move to the smoking area three times, he eventually moved that way, reportedly mumbling under his breath. Later, while attempting to pass through the screening to get into the court facilities, the alarm sounded as he passed through. When an officer attempted to do a scan to check him further, he allegedly refused to approach her. He reportedly was smarting off to her. Officers note the smell of alcohol on the person. He was eventually placed under arrest on a Public Disorderly Conduct charge and placed in the Johnson Detention Center.

  Later, Family Court requested he be returned to the Court facility to appear at the Non-Support hearing. He allegedly began showing out again while in a holding area in the courthouse, and was returned to the county detention center.