Arrests Allege Assaults in Dec. & Jan.

Clinton Public Safety made two arrests yesterday in separate domestic violence cases.

   30-year-old Brad O’Neal Davis of 101 Rose Hill Drive, Clinton was booked at 8:40 yesterday morning, charged with Criminal Domestic Violence and with Destruction of Private Property. Mr. Davis is accused of pushing the woman he shares a home with on December 12th, 2012. He also allegedly poured paint on a jean jacket that his live-in owns during the December 12th incident at their home on Rose Hill Drive. A $2,150 bond was set on the domestic violence charge, and bond was set at $1,000 on the Destruction of Property charge. Brad Davis was placed in the Johnson Detention Center, where he remained earlier today.

    Clinton Public Safety arrested a man yesterday afternoon for an alleged assault on a woman at Clinton Manor Apartments earlier this month. 31-year-old Michael Roynell Young of 817 East Florida Street, Clinton was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence. He is accused of assaulting a woman with whom he has a child in common on January 10th. He allegedly threw a pot of grease and food on her, also allegedly grabbed her by the left wrist and arm and attempted to forcibly remove jewelry from her finger. Booked just before 3pm, Michael R. Young was released from Clinton City Jail on a $2,150 personal recognizance bond just after 4:30 yesterday afternoon.