Since You’re There Already….

 As Laurens City Detective Leann Riggot was at Wal Mart getting video evidence on subjects for having stolen some items and pawned them at a pawn shop in Laurens at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon, she was notified that shoplifting suspects were at the store.  One man was found leaning on an SUV in the parking lot with a box of fried chicken and other food items on top of the car, but no receipt for their purchase. Others were reportedly located in the sporting goods area of the store, with an eye on fishing equipment. An opened package that contained a range finder was found in a trash can, then a range finder was reportedly located in the pocket of another subject. Another suspect reportedly had a camera and batteries in his pocket. Laurens Police placed three men from Laurens in the Johnson Detention Center, where they were being held for warrants to be served. 28-year-old Shane Allen Lyons of 530 West Patton Road is to be charged with Shoplifting and Trespass After Notice. Also held for Shoplifting charges were 57-year-old Curtis Eugene Lyons of 500 West Patton Road and 32-year-old Joshua Edwin Lyons of 386 West Patton Road.

   Meanwhile, in another case, 18-year-old LaCamry Goggins of 303 Ramble Wood Court, Laurens was also being held in the Johnson Detention Center overnight for Shoplifting charges.