2nd Amendment Listening Tour

Congressman Jeff Duncan has announced a “2nd Amendment Listening Tour” that he’s conducting in parts of the District tomorrow. The announcement comes after the Congressman vocally opposed the President for considering “executive action” to unilaterally restrict gun rights, and following Duncan’s sending a letter to the CEO of a northern firearms manufacturer encouraging him to relocate operations to South Carolina after New York adopted the toughest gun restrictions in the country.

The “2nd Amendment Listening Tour” visits five gun shops this Friday. It starts at 9:30 at Allen Arms on Poinsett Highway, Greenville, then at 11:30 at The Gun Shop on East Main, Walhalla, at 12:30 at southern firearms and Saddle on Ram Cat Alley, Seneca, Grady’s Outdoors on Clemson Blvd, Anderson at 2:15 and then at 4:15 at Hunter’s Headquarters on the 72 By-Pass in Greenwood.