Case Dropped, Abuse Allegedly Contiues

A woman in her middle 40’s filed a belated report of domestic violence with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday afternoon. She indicated she had been in court January 7th regarding Domestic Violence charges against 58-year-old the man she was living with in the Waterloo area. She said she dropped the charges, and the man was released. She told Deputy Johnson yesterday that within an hour of the Domestic Violence charges being dropped, her boyfriend tried to break her fingers getting a cell phone, and that over the next two weeks he put bruises on her arms, legs and hips. She alleged he last hit her on January 24th; but that on this past Monday he grabbed her and tossed her about the bed to keep her awake. When questioned why she waited so long to call 911 about the matter, that he stopped. Meanwhile, she’s moved in with her mother, but the boyfriend is allegedly knocking on the door and walking around the residence. An order of protection is being sought. Her allegations were being documented and a judge was to be contacted on the matter.