Top Ten Other Mistakes We Could Have Made

- In addition to saying a $3.6 million Building was going to cost $36 million –


Top Ten  Other Goof-Ups We Could Have Made


#10… We could have announced that there were 550 buzzards on the Laurens CPW West Main Water Tower last week, but we would have been wrong. There were only 55 buzzards on the Tank that day. This makes quite a difference, Randy.


#9 … We could have announced a couple weeks ago that gas prices in Laurens County had dropped to only $3.13 a gallon; but that would have been incorrect, as the price was three dollars, thirteen AND NINE TENTHS Cents!


#8 … We could report that the HPA has filed a complaint about a WLBG News Story. The Hash Producers of America organization was upset about our story that frozen HASH was used in Joanna as a weapon in an incident of domestic violence. Not true, says the spokesman for the HPA. Mr. Rufus Jimmy-Joe” Ledbetter  said it was NOT hash, but chicken stew.


#7 …We’ve been contacted by a woman upset that we reported she was arrested by local police for buying 8 packs of Sudafed at six different stores the same day. There seemed to be an inference that police suspect she was planning to cook up a fresh batch of meth. She said she’s just had a bad cold, and Rockin’ Rye just doesn’t work for her anymore. We regret any unintended inferrance.


#6 … We could have reported that a teenage girl’s Mama, Granddaddy and Grandmama allegedly took her to the Y and allegedly helped her beat up another girl who shares an interest in the same boy. But we didn’t, that would NOT be accurate, because Grandmama was NOT involved.


#5  …We could have made a mistake by saying a man arrested for relieving himself in someone else’s yard was just drunk. We’re happy to remind everyone that we made no such allegation. However, this is not to say that it didn’t ever cross our mind that “Alcohol may have been involved.’


#4 … We could have announced that you can buy a full size mattress set for as little as $300 at the Mattress Warehouse, but we didn’t. We reported that they’re on sale for as little as $179, which happens to be the truth. And guess what, all the decimals are in the right place on that story!


#3 … We could report on two people being arrested at a Joanna Meth Lab yesterday. Wait – that’s OK, they DID make two arrests at an alleged Joanna Meth Lab yesterday. I had the right number arrested there – two – all decimals in the right place. Unless you want to talk about the bond amount, I make no guarantee on that part of the story.


#2 …We reported a couple years ago that a toll booth on I-385 was charging $5 for every car entering the interstate at Clinton, but we’ve subsequently learned that they only charging 50 cents a car, now.


# 1 … We could have reported how old Randy Stevens is today. But we didn’t, because we were afraid a decimal would get us in trouble on a number that big.