Top Ten Thoughts I Had Listening to This Morning’s News

#10…I wonder what it feels like when a woman bangs a man up beside his head with a frying pan?

#9 … Having already made the mistake of selling illegal drugs to one undercover cop, how silly must one feel for then selling drugs to yet another undercover cop a month later? Their was one case in Clinton many years ago where the man was arrested for the transaction and after being released from jail went right back and sold to the same informant!

#8 …If you’re a cop and you have a man who keeps asking you if he can be honest with you, are you really going to believe anything he says?

#7 …How does a truck dealer from the coast get away with entering a bid to sell a truck then, after winning the bid, say, oh, sorry, we didn’t mean That price for THAT truck!

#6 … If the store clerk gives you a chance to unload you pockets and walk out the store without being charged with the shoplifting you’ve been doing, what possesses you to walk out with all the loot anyway?

#5  … When did 32 degrees start feeling so cold!

#4 …If someone allegedly used my name to steal some of my money, I would be upset with him.  But if he then also allegedly used my name when they were booking him in jail, making it seem that I had been arrested, I think perhaps I would be irritated to an even higher level.

#3 …That auto dealership in Beaufort that couldn’t deliver after winning a bid. What’s up with that? Did they run out of the right color?

#2 …If someone steals your identify and uses it with the police, is it OK to take their name and steal your money back? And do you then own their car? If they are you, aren’t  you them?

# 1 …If you’ve already got a warrant for your arrest by the “po-po” for an alleged assault at your house, why would you call the cops to your house and complain about someone slapping you?