What’s His REAL Name?

    The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday filed charges on a man who was reportedly initially arrested in the name of his victim. Deputies yesterday charged 42-year-old Frank Todd Hughey of 13 Milling Street, Clinton was initially arrested this weekend using the identity of a Livencieo Whitlock. It now appears Whitlock was, actually, a victim in the case. Frank Todd Hughey is charged with Two Counts of Identity Fraud. Warrants alleged that on January 14th and again on January 15th, 2013 did maliciously use the personal information of the victim Livencieo Whitlock without his authorization to obtain financial resources.

The County also charged Hughey with Two Breach of Trust cases alleging he obtained signature or property under false presences. He’s accused of fraudulently obtaining $900 cash January 14th from the Founders Federal Credit Union and $1,000 on January 15th from Founders Federal Credit Union. Another charge of Larceny; taking official records without authority, was also cited in the arrest record.

Frank Todd Hughey remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.