Duncan Opposes Presidential Suggest of Tax Increase

  President Barak Obama has announced he is calling for some “modest” tax increases and spending cuts in order to head off the pending mandatory big cuts in federal spending. South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan responded to the proposal yesterday, stating “The hypocrisy behind the President’s actions is astounding. The President is claiming that we’re $16.3 trillion in debt, and the reason is because we don’t tax Americans enough. This follows the President’s failure to submit a budget to Congress by the legally required deadline for the fourth time in the past five years. I guess the President is hoping that Americans didn’t notice that their taxes have already gone up in their paychecks this month.” Jeff Duncan continued  “If the President is willing to propose making real cuts to the long-term drivers of our debt and take tax hikes off the table, I would be willing to consider that proposal. But suggesting that we raise taxes to solve a spending problem, and hoping that Americans have forgotten that they’re already paying more in taxes, is insulting.”

   That reaction from Congressman Jeff Duncan on the President’s suggestion of “modest” tax increases along with “modest” spending cuts, to avoid the otherwise required large cuts in federal spending.