16-Year-Old Girlfriend & Toddler Allegedly Assaulted

   A 16-year-old female filed a report with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office yesterday morning that the 27-year-old man she is cohabitating with has been hitting her and intimidating her for about five days. The two reportedly have a 17-month-old child together. She told of being prevented from leaving and of being denied access to use of the phone by passwords. Deputy Johnny Brewington reportedly took photographic evidence of injury to the woman and their child and of damage inside the residence, and warrants were obtained.  27-year-old Virgil Eugene “Butterbean” Lell Jr. of 1029 Hood Creek Road, Laurens was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence and with Assault and Battery 2nd Degree. 

  Deputy Brewington stated that between February 2nd and 7th Virgil Eugene Lell Jr. caused or attempted to cause injury to a member of his household. He allegedly used a weapon, described as a ceramic plate, through trash on her, choked her, pushed her into the wall, pushed her into the tub and urinated on her in commission of the assault, causing unreasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury or death.

  Mr. Lell is also charged with assaulting his 17-month-old child with a ceramic plate last Saturday while fighting with the child’s mother. He had allegedly thrown the plate at the mother, missing her and hitting the child on the left leg.

 Virgin “Butterbean” Lell was being held for arraignment on the charges.