Mother & Daughter “Quality” Time?

Laurens City Police have charged a Whitmire woman with having her child help with shoplifting this past Tuesday at the Laurens Wal-Mart. 33-year-old Amanda Gail Mayers of 527 Sims Street, Whitmire was charged with Shoplifting Enhanced and Unlawful Conduct Towards a Child. Detective Leann Riggott states that on February 5th, 2013 Amanda Gail Mayers did, along with a co-defendant, take merchandise offered for sale at Wal-Mart without paying for it. Detective Riggott further states that Ms. Mayers placed her minor female child in unreasonable risk of harm affecting the child’s mental health or safety by having the child take items from Wal-Mart without paying for them. This allegedly occurred at the Laurens store February 5th. Mayers was being held in the Johnson Detention Center pending arraignment.

  Laurens City Police also arrested a Greenwood woman on shoplifting charges yesterday. Two other women were also arrested on Shoplifting charges earlier in the day yesterday. Both were released on bonds of $1,000 and $650.