Top Ten Places Christopher Dorner May be Hiding

 #10…We have reason to believe that He may be hiding in the Turkey gut bin at a Louis Rich Plant near Newberry

 #9 ….I wonder if they’ve looked behind the big “D” in the massive Hollywood sign.

 #8 ….Then again, if he really wants to stay hidden, he’s hiding out in the Illusive WLBG Van

 #7 … Did they look in the Hub?  Sonny has that special going on a cheeseburger plate

 #6 …I bet He’s dressed in black and hiding on top of the West Main water tower in Laurens, hiding out with the buzzards.   

 #5  …He may be hiding in plain sight. On East Main in Laurens, I’ve been noticing a man dressed up like the Statue of Liberty. There is his in front of God and everybody, waving at everyone who passes by.

 #4 …He’s at the Mattress Warehouse taking a ‘test nap.’ I think he brought his own bed covers so as not to be easily spotted. 

 #3 …I personally think Dorner has hidden himself deep inside one of those mystery tunnels that connect the Octagon House with the Historic Laurens County Courthouse.

If he’s near the Little River, he’ll probably catch a terrible cold from all that water.

 #2 … Two words: Ekom Beach The once glorious place of festive gatherings is now just sitting there waiting for some killer from California to come and hide.

 # 1 … He was looking for a place to hide in our area and stopped by Elmo’s Crab Shack. When the lovely Miss Boody-licious began working her magic dance, it put Christopher into some kind of a trance, his eyes glazed over and his face motionless. They’re not even sure he’s still alive. Boody-licious may be 83, but she’s still got it!