Charges are Piling Up

   A Laurens man was booked in the Johnson Detention Center yesterday by Laurens City Police on new charges of Shoplifting 2nd Offense and new charges of Shoplifting; along with six Bench Warrants citing three previous convictions of Shoplifting 2nd and Trespass. 28-year-old Shane Allen Lyons of 530 West Patton Road, Laurens is charged with Shoplifting 2nd Offense and with Trespassing for allegedly coming onto Wal-Mart property in Laurens on January 19th 2013 in violation of a no trespass notice and, along with co-defendants, allegedly took $100 in merchandise without paying for it. He was also served with Bench Warrants issued by Laurens Municipal Court February 7th from convictions that day for three Shoplifting 2nd Offense charges and three trespass charges. Sentences on the Shoplifting charges included 30 days or $1,000 plus restitution to Wal-Mart of $102, $180 and $270. Sentences on the three Trespass convictions were for 30 days or $465.

  Meanwhile, new shoplifting incidents continue to require the attention of Laurens City Police. There was another incident yesterday at Wal-Mart as well as one at the Family Dollar in the LaVonne Shopping Center. A 42-year-old Laurens woman was arrested late yesterday morning, charged with Shoplifting at the Family Dollar. She was accused of attempting to ‘clean up’ – allegedly putting a container of Tide detergent in her pocketbook in an attempt to steal it.