Top Ten OTHER Jobs Too Stressfull for an 85-Year-Old

#10… Being a Gigolo (of course, that depends on where you are practicing the art. At some places, they may never notice)

 #9 … Alligator Wrestling

 #8 … Professional Football is Out!  An 85-year-old would get cramps when in the huddle.

 #7 … Being a Sugar Daddy. I know 85 is when some men start to get into this, but, alas, it usually turns out badly for them.

 #6 … Being a Contestant on “Do You Want to Be a Millionaire” is probably going to be too taxing.

 #5 … Morning News reporter for WLBG. I’m some 25 years away, and it’s taking a toll on me, already. 

 #4 …85 is too old to work as an Ice Cream Scooper at Baskin Robbins. Your eye sight is more than a little off by then, and you’d just keep getting your fingers in the ice cream. We don’t even want to know where those fingers have been!

 #3 …An Animal Control Officer. Think about it. When the puppies get loose, at 85, how are you going to catch them! The tail would be wagging the dog!

 #2 …A waiter at Senior Garcia’s. At 85, some folks are unsteady on their feet. We don’t want a waiter dropping hot sauce in our lap!  

 # 1 …Night Watchman. Remember Ira from the Andy Griffith Show? He could sleep through any robbery.