2nd Offense CDV After Husband Allegedly Assaults Wife

   A Waterloo man was arrested by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office in connection with an alleged assault on his wife yesterday. Deputy RaKeisha Hill-Mobly was dispatched to Shaw Court at 1:25 pm and found the husband outside. He reportedly wanted to leave but couldn’t because his wife had put his vehicle keys where he couldn’t find them. The wife was located at a neighbor’s where she had gone to call 911. She told of the husband angrily demanding her to get up at 11:30 am and fix him some breakfast. When she told him not to talk to her in the manger he had, he allegedly pulled a heart-shaped centerpiece from their bedroom wall to attack her. During the altercation, he also allegedly threw a glass, hitting her lower back.

   The husband, 32-year-old David Edward Drafts of 252 Shaw Court, Waterloo was charged with 2nd Offense Criminal Domestic Violence. Deputy Hill states in a warrant that one David Edward Drafts created fear of imminent peril for the victim by punching her in the face, choking her around the neck with his hands and hitting her in the head.

Deputy Hill further states that the defendant has a prior conviction for domestic violence. David Drafts was being held in the Johnson Detention Center earlier today pending appearance before a Magistrate.