Ecuadorian Leader Returns to PC

   A PC Graduate who is now a leader in his native South American country will be back in Clinton today. Dr. Carlos J. Emanuel is a 1967 magna cum laude graduate in economics from Presbyterian College and holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of South Carolina. He has been an important and influence finance and banking expert in his native Ecuador for the past 20 years. While at PC today, he is to talk with PC students, faculty, and staff about the “dollarization” of Ecuador, a program that was implemented in January 2000.

 Emanuel’s career has included time as general manager of the Central Bank in Ecuador in 1984; he campaigned for president of Ecuador in 1988, and he more recently held the position of Minister of Economy and Finance and championed the “dollarization” of Ecuador. He has also spent time in the classroom as a faculty member, teaching economics at the University of South Carolina, Presbyterian College, and Pembroke State University in North Carolina.

 He has written several books on economic and financial matters and presently works as an economic and financial consultant.