Top Ten Things Not To Give For Valentine’s Day

 By Jan Fullbright

10. A vacuum cleaner. She will never forget it and will not let you forget it !


 9. A recycled card that you sent to a previous girlfriend.


 8. Ladies, do not get him long handled underwear. There ain’t nothing sexy about them !


 7. Don’t give her wart remover please ! She will not appreciate it.


 6.  A one way bus ticket to Sugar Tit, orPosum Hollar,South Carolina.


 5.  Eau De Pizza Hut. If she has to smell like a pizza for you to kiss her, it ain’t gonna happen !


 4.  A ring that is one size too small and engraved on the inside with I love you Peggy Sue and her name is not Peggy Sue !


 3. Do not give him or her breath mints.


 2. Diet pills. You can bet she will not love up to you for that one !


 1. Angelo’s male enhancement pills. Instead, give him a magnifying glass and tell him not to use it in the sun.