Another Search Warrant, Another Drug Arrest

  Laurens Police executed another search warrant in another part of town yesterday. This resulted in the arrest of 30-year-old Michael Anderson of 138 Oakland Heights, Laurens. He was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute 3rd offense in connection with results from the search warrant yesterday, and with Distribution of Marijuana from an earlier undercover operation. He was also charged with each crime within proximity of a Day Care.

   Detective Walter Bentley states the defendant had in his possession a quantity of marijuana with intent to distribute, and also had a set of scales which are used in the sale of illegal narcotics. This was allegedly discovered during execution of the search warrant yesterday at 138 Oakland Heights, within a half mile of a Day Care at the Laurens YMCA. Officer Bentley also stated that Mr. Anderson has multiple prior drug convictions. 

  Detective Tony Lynch states that Michael Anderson distributed marijuana to a confidential informant working in conjunction with the Laurens City Police Department this past Tuesday. This undercover drug purchase was allegedly made on February 12th at 138 Oakland Heights.

Michael Anderson was being held in the Johnson Detention Center with a Bond Hearing set for today.