CPW Expanding Water Treatment Plant

   More Changes in the view from Laurens’West Hampton Street are coming, following action this week. The Laurens Commission of Public Works voted unanimously at their meeting Monday to proceed with construction of new Alum Sludge Ponds at the utilities water filtration plant. General Manager Dale Satterfield said that after a review of other options, he’s determined this is the least costly way to proceed to expanding the commission’s ability to filter sludge from water. He said other ways are quicker, but much more costly. Materials extracted from water in these facilities are then hauled to the landfill. This is increasing the capacity from the ponds already in operation at the plant. Satterfield noted that with the additional treatment the CPW has added in recent years, countering odor and taste issues, the current capacity needs expansion. The Commissioners approved a budget of under $20,000 for engineering. Most of the actual work will be done ‘in house’ with CPW employees. To make room for the new sludge ponds, several vacant homes on neighboring Johnsey Ring were recently purchased by the CPW and removed.