Top Ten Things You Think About While Riding A Motorcycle.

 by Jan Fullbright

10. What is the road kill I’m going to hit, hope it is not a skunk.


 9. If a wasp gets inside my helmet, what do I do. Try to be calm until I can stop, or slap, wave, and scream ?


 8. Without my helmet on, how will I explain the bugs in my teeth?


 7. If I swerve to miss that deer, will I hit the tree or go in the ditch?


  6. When I go over a huge bump in the road and lift my butt up, wonder what the people behind me are thinking?


 5. Does this wind suit make me look bigger than I really am?


 4. What would happen if I sneeze with this helmet on?


 3. Wonder if the biker next to me at this red light heard me expel flatus?.


 2. I sure hope the helmet on the red head, on the back of my bike, kept her from absorbing the odor when I expelled flatus.


 1. Lord, please don’t let me cough, I forgot I took a laxative last night.