Five Accused of Cross Hill Meth Operations

  Five people arrested Monday by the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office were charged with Drug Manufacture in warrants served yesterday. All five are charged with being residents of a Cross Hill location Monday where items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine were found. Sheriff’s Lt. Robert Wilkie states in warrants that all the subjects were residents of 385 Billy Leopard Road where items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine were located, and that all also allegedly were involved in the illegal disposal of methamphetamine waste at that location.

  Those charged with Manufacture of Methamphetamine and Illegal Disposal of Methamphetamine waste included 44-year-old Alvin William Tucker Jr. of 107 Herman Wise Road, Newberry and 52-year-old Robert Lee Heinol of 2958 Old Douglas Mill Road, Hodges. Also charged with Manufacture of Meth and Illegal Disposal of Meth waste were two women who listed 385 Billy Leopard Road as their permanent address. They were 42-year-old Patricia Diane “Cissy” Ware, also known as Patricia Diane Redd, and 32-year-old Jennifer Racheal McAllister.

   In addition to the two meth charges, a fifth subject was also charged with Theft of Electric Utilities. 49-year-old Danny Michael Shubert – “Shuby” – of 385 Billy Leopard Road, Cross Hill is also accused by Lt. Robert Plaxico with the theft of electricity from Duke Energy.

  Bonds totaling $20,000 were set on each of the 5 yesterday. An additional $1,092 bond was set for the Theft of Electric Utilities charge on Danny Shubert.