Police Chase Leads to Multiple Charges

   Laurens Police made an arrest late last night after a police chase of just over a mile and a half. It began when Laurens Police Officer Patrick Craven was on routine patrol, Westbound on East Main at 11:29 last night and had stopped at the right light at the 127 By-Pass intersection. He indicates another vehicle pull up beside him in the left turn lane, and he noted the driver was not wearing a seat belt. Craven activated blue lights as the Lincoln headed south on the 127 By-Pass. Even sounding the siren briefly a couple times did not get the driver to stop. Officer Craven continued pursuit down the road and the fleeing vehicle turned on Sherman Drive, then the driver left the car near 150 Sherman Drive and fled on foot towards nearby woods, followed by officers in a foot chase. Officer Craven reported he  deployed his taser, striking the fleeing man in the back. However, due to a loose jacket, the probe did not penetrate. The fleeing man reportedly shed the jacket and continued to run towards the woods. Officer Craven then tackled the subject, taking him to the ground, and assisting Officer Andrew Ashley put the subject in handcuffs. A check of the man reportedly located a driver’s license that had been suspended for a Driving under the Influence charge.

  24-year-old Justin Jared Cook of 150 Sherman Drive was booked on charges of Failure to Stop for Blue Lights, Failure to Return a Suspended License, Driving with a Suspended License ….and Failure to Wear His Seat Belt.