Police Separate Couple, Have Relative Keep Their 2-Year-Old

 Laurens Police were dispatched to Clary Street at 11:39 last night after a woman called 911 then someone apparently took it from her and hung up the phone. Officers noted hearing a man and woman arguing inside the house when they arrived. The woman advised she was having problems with her boyfriend for the past several days, that he had been getting drunk and calling her all kinds of names. She said the issue last night began with over her alleged use of meth and her failing a drug test from dSS recently. She indicated she accidentally reportedly scratched the boyfriend in the face trying to get away from him. Police noted the man had a scratch to his face, but would not say how he got it. He said they had argued over whether she was in the right state to be wandering the streets. Lt. Jared Hunnicutt notes the couple did not appear to be in shape to care for their two-year-old daughter. A relative came to the house to take the child for the night. Officer’s escorted the woman to a friend’s house where she could spend the night while their tempers cooled.