Top Ten Things a Rainy Day Like This is Fit For

#10…Playing Bingo, as long as no one starts ‘face-mushing.’ 

#9 … Staying inside with someone special and doing the ‘wild monkey dance.’ 

#8 … It would be a good day for me to reorganize my National Geographic Collection. 

#7 …It’s a good day for Wyatt to stay home and reorganize his gun collection.  

#6 … Use guys could invite a bevy of beautiful NFL cheerleaders over to sit around and….discuss our Sunday School lesson….maybe play ‘go fish’…or maybe strip poker if they insist. 

#5  …Its a good day to start your spring garden, getting your tomatoes started in cups in the kitchen window. Now, we don’t recommend putting your marijuana plants there, as the Po Po might spot them from the road.  

#4 …It’s a good day to stay inside and teach your little children how to properly speak southern. They need to know how to “mash” a button, “wrench out” their mouth and how to ‘reckon whether’ they want to do something.  

#3 …You know, paint ball in the garage could be a lot of fun today, and you could hide behind the cars to make it harder to be hit. 

#2 … It would be a good day to stay home and watch movies with the kids, except it’s a school day. 

# 1 … You could turn up the heat in the house, then take off your clothes and pretend you’re in a nudist colony.