Three Stories of Harassment by Text

 Laurens City Police were dispatched to an east-side residence at 4:18 yesterday morning on a report that a woman was receiving harassing text messages from another woman, who was formerly a friend of hers. The victim said she has been having some kind of disagreement with the other woman over something that happened in North Carolina and New York. An officer checked the correspondence between the two women and noted that the victim had been responding to the texts. She was advised to notify the other woman to stop texting her, then don’t respond to any additional messages.


Laurens Police were notified at 9:15 last night about another case of harassing phone calls and text messages. She said a man who is a boyfriend to a friend of hers had been calling and texting her phone all day. She was advised about notifying the person to cease the messages.


 Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Gordon Street at 9:15 Sunday morning, where a man reported that a woman was texting him and harassing him. The 31-year-old man indicates the 27-year-old woman is the mother of his child and has been told not to contact him. The officer dispatched on the case advised the man to text the woman back to say not to contact him again, and he did in the officer’s presence.