Trash Can & Dishes Fly in Laurens Home

 Laurens Police Officer Andrew Ashley was dispatched to a Lurey Street residence at 10:35 last night on a 911 hang-up call. A husband and wife were reportedly engaged in an argument about her son and the argument became more and more heated. The husband allegedly threw a trash can at her, hitting her forearm. She reportedly became upset and started throwing things at him. Officers reported observing several broken plates and glass cups on the floor. The argument continued to the bedroom, where he reportedly pushed her, causing her to fall and hit her mouth on the floor, resulting in a cut to her lip and damage to a tooth. The man reportedly indicated the wife had thrown the first item in the altercation. Officers arrested the husband, 32-year-old Gerard Armand “Rod” Watts of 206 Lurey Street, Laurens, and placed him in the Johnson Detention center. He was being held for a warrant to charge him with Criminal Domestic Violence.