Finances Seem to Be Improving for School District 56

 It’s better……………or at least it’s not as bad.

During the Monday evening meeting of the Laurens County District 56 Board of Trustees, Dr. Gerald Robinson reported that he had received the January revenue numbers from the Laurens County Treasurer and the numbers looked better than current projections.

This year’s District 56 budget is balanced only by taking an estimated $700,000 plus from the district fund balance.  Dr. Robinson told the board that he was not yet prepared to amend his projection but he did find the January numbers encouraging.  He said that if the January trend does continue it would mean that the deficit for the year would be reduced by some $200,000.
In other words, instead of drawing down the fund balance by $700,000, they would only need an estimated $500,000.
He told the board that by their March meeting he would have a clearer picture and be able to provide a more firm projection.