Hospital Loss for December Less than Expected

 The December financial report for the Laurens County Health Care System shows better than expected performance for Laurens County’s Hospital. Chief Financial Officer Will Grant told the hospital board Tuesday night that December had a loss of $229,000, which was actually better than the $378,000 loss projected for the month.

He said December income was 8% above the budgeted amount, while expenses were up 4%, resulting in overall better than expected performance.

  Grant said that the areas of higher-than-budgeted expenses were due to salaries, up due to acute care days being up in December; and supplies. He said he still needs to investigate what happened to create the additional supply costs.

  Getting information is still a work in progress for the Health Care System, since the new computer operating system went on-line late last year. 

  Board Chairman Mike Ellison said the staff has been doing an enormous job of developing the new Med-Tech System. He said it’s the usual process that it takes time to get all the reports providing the information needed from an entirely new operating system. Ellison said by the time the board receives March financials; he expects all the details to be worked out.

 CFO Will Grant also noted that February had traditionally been the hospital systems best month, because of debt set-off. That’s where people who have not paid their hospital bill have their state tax return used to pay off hospital bills. Grant said that with a ten-day delay in this year’s tax return system, the SC debt set-off is also running behind some ten days. He expects the additional income to be spread between February and March this year.