Suspicious Vehicle Stopped After Brief Pursuit

Laurens County Sheriff’s Corporal Nick Moye was answering a call around 10:11 last night and traveling on Torrington Road when he reportedly observed a suspicious vehicle behind the old Torrco Office Building at the intersection of Torrington Road and Medical Ridge Road. Due to a number of recent larcenies that have occurred in the old Torrington Plant, Corporal Moye turned into the parking lot of the old financial office. He notes the vehicle driver attempted to evade him by pulling out of the parking lot onto Torrington Road and headed towards Laurens. He initiated Blue Lights in an attempt to get the small gray pickup to stop. The truck turned onto Hanks Road and continued there for a while before turning into a driveway on Hanks Road. Corporal Moye approached the truck and asked all three occupants for their identification. They reportedly replied that they didn’t have ID with them. The officer reports he detected the smell of marijuana and observed the driver was nervous, then observed residue from marijuana on and beside the driver’s leg. Additional marijuana was reportedly located in the passenger door of the pickup. Deputy Hodges had the three males in the pickup put their hands on the dash while he waited for backup. Additional officers from the Sheriff’s Office and Clinton Public Safety arrived to assist. The driver, a 24-year-old man from another Hanks Road address, was arrested placed in the Johnson Detention Center, where he was to be charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana and Third Offense Driving under Suspension of his License. The two passengers, a 30-year-old man from Hanks Road and a 19-year-old male from another nearby address were each charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana.