Top Ten Facts About Dorking Chickens


10. Dorkings are a very special breed of chicken. One of the oldest chickens domesticated for human use. My question would be, what, other than humans would they be domesticated for ? 

9. Dorkings were developed during the Roman Impire. Guess the Romans fried Christians rather than chickens. 

8. Dorkings are the only breed to have a red earlobe and lays a white egg. I have seen a few young men with red earlobes, but I never saw them lay any color of egg. 

7. Compared to other breeds, the Dorkings have unusually short legs. Sounds like a Dachshund to me, you know the little short legged dogs. 

6. They are considered a heavy fowl, weighing 7 to 8 pounds, and this is with out growth hormones injected. That is a lot of chicken folks ! 

5. Dorking roosters are very mellow and calm. Sounds to me like they been eating the Marijuana plants out back. 

4. These chickens are said to be very sweet fowls. I can see it now, the new chicken restaurant, come on in and enjoy Sweet Fried Dorkings ! 

3. The Dorking hens lay medium size eggs. You would think a chicken that big would lay the extra large eggs. 

2. The Dorking has no feathers on thier legs and also the only chicken with 5 toes. Now, I have seen some men at the malls in their Bahama Mama shorts that had chicken legs and they had 5 toes too !! 

1. Never put a Dorking rooster in the pen with another rooster and hens because the Dorking rooster does his job so well with the hens until it leaves him weak and defenseless against other roosters.