Additional Charges Served Yesterday

A man arrested on traffic charges on Green Pond Road Wednesday night has been charged with the theft of a lawn tractor in the Hickory Tavern area on Wednesday.

43-year-old Jason Sharpe of 407 Georgia Street, Fountain Inn was charged yesterday with Grand Larceny and with Enhance for 3rd or greater Property Offense. Deputy Sheriff Bryant Cheek states that on February 27th 2013 Jason Wyatt Sharpe took away a Cub Cadet valued at $2,200 from property in the 11,000 address range of US Highway 76 West. The second warrant states that the defendant has been convicted at least twice before on a property crime where imprisonment depends on the value of property affected. Bonds on the two warrants regarding theft of property were set at $20,000. Sharpe was charged with an Uninsured Motor Violation, an Expired Vehicle License and an Unsafe Tire charge when stopped at 10:24 Tuesday night. He remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.