Alive at 25!

 Alive at 25 is a young driver intervention program sponsored by the National Safety Council and targeting the drivers they say are most likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident – drivers between the ages of 15 and 24. 

Brooke Russell, Executive Director of the South Carolina Chapter of NSC was in Laurens County yesterday for the kickoff of a new initiative that will bring the Alive At 25 classroom instruction into Laurens County schools.  Ms. Russell explained that in 2012 there were 176 young adults in the target age group killed in traffic accidents.  They want to bring that number down.

Sgt David Brewer of the Laurens Police Department has been a certified Alive At 25 instructor for quite some time.  Among the students he has instructed:  Family members of the Interim Chief of the Laurens Police Department, Captain Chrissie Cofield.

   “I sent my niece and my cousin’s son through it last year when the program first started with the Laurens Police Department.” She stressed the importance of providing our children with “a potentially life-saving education and the driving skills that they need.”

A joint effort of the National Safety Council, Laurens County School Districts 55 and 56, Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, Laurens Police Department and Clinton Department of Public Safety will now bring Alive At 25 into high school classrooms.

The first class will begin March 11th at Clinton High School.  Students from both Districts 56 as well as 55 are welcome to attend any Alive At 25 class no matter where they are held.