Where’s the Emergency?

 Emergency responders were dispatched to Airport Road, Clinton last night on a 911 call from a woman, allegedly reporting an emergency with her husband. Officers from Public Safety and EMS reportedly searched the house without finding the husband. She reportedly then asked the emergency personnel what they were in her house for, stating that her husband was still in the hospital and was not back home yet. 62-year-old Mary Elizabeth Suber of 685 Airport Road, Clinton was arrested on a charge of Unlawful Use of 911. She was being held in City Jail overnight for arraignment on the charge this morning. Ms. Suber was arrested earlier this week on Tuesday night on a Breach of Peace charge where she had allegedly been using loud and profane language outside, and didn’t cease using it after requests to calm  down from a Public Safety Officer.

Ms. Suber was being held in city Jail overnight pending a visit in Municipal Court this morning on the new charge from last night.