Sunday Afternoon Armed Robbery

 Laurens City Police responded to an Armed Robbery on Truman Street at 4:31 yesterday afternoon. A woman told officers she heard someone at her back door and thought it was her husband putting his key in the door. She said she went to the door and opened it without looking, only to discover a man pointing a silver gun at her and asking her if anyone else was in the house. When she told him she was alone, he reportedly told her to get on the floor. When she told him she has seizers and lying on the floor could cause one, he had her go with him to a bedroom, where she sat on the bed as he went through drawers. He then took her to a second bedroom and went through the drawers there, as well. The man left from the back door, but returned because he had left his pistol on the bed in the second bedroom. She said he then told her to lie down while he left her husband returned home about five minutes after the intrusion.  The husband called police. A small pocketbook containing the woman’s ID and $60 was the only thing noted as taken in the Armed Robbery. There was a small tin top that was on the floor in the grandmother’s bedroom. The subject had taken it from the drawer and left it on the floor when he left. The subject was described as a 6 foot tall black male of medium skin color with slender build. He was wearing blue jeans, hanging down, with red boxers.

Meth Lab Sunday Night

   Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Brent Rushing and Sgt. Matt Veal responded to a location on Green Pond Road at 9:23 last night on a complaint that methamphetamines  were being manufactured there. A man responded to a knock on the door and let the officer’s inside. He reportedly gave consent to search. Deputy Rushing and Sgt. Veal reported smelling a strong chemical odor coming from an out-building. Inside that structure, Sgt. Veal allegedly located materials to make methamphetamines inside a plastic bag and on a work bench. Items included a battery that had been cut open, cold pack, coffee filters, a box of Sudafed blister packs and Coleman camping fuel. 

  No meth product was reportedly found, but the subject indicated he had swallowed it. EMS transported the man to the hospital for evaluation. 

 27-year-old Anthony Perry Wilson of 9745 Green Pond Road, Gray Court was arrested and delivered to the Laurens County Detention Center just before midnight last night.

He was being held pending warrants being obtained to charge him with Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

Store Manager Robbed Saturday Night

   A Robbery report dispatched Laurens City Police at 9:33 Saturday night to the Dollar Tree at 919 East Main. Two young males had reportedly left on foot around the back of the store. The store manager and a cashier were reportedly locking up for the night at 9:29. The manager states that as she was locking the door from the outside, she heard footsteps coming towards her. She said two subjects came from the side of the store, near big-Lots. One of the males pinned her against the front door of the Dollar Tree and took her star-wars themed purse, which contained the night deposit. Both then fled around the side of the store, toward the back of the building.

  The two Strong Armed Robbery suspects were described as black males between 14 to 18 years old. Both were of slim build, standing about 5’ 5” tall. The subject that allegedly took her bag with the store’s money was  wearing a black or navy shirt with blue jeans and cloth black and white beanie cap pulled down low over his face. The cap had two eye holes cut into it.  He reportedly fell once while running away. The second subject was described as wearing a white jacket with a hood. Officers patrolled the neighboring area and believe the two subjects got into a car to leave the area. Where one of the subjects had fallen while running away, officers found a change purse that had apparently fallen from the victim’s purse.

  The subject reportedly got away with the hand bag and $1,982.00. Also taken were personal identification papers and credit cards.

Drug Charges after Allegedly Yelling and Screaming at 4 am!

   A report that a man was standing outside a woman’s window yelling and screaming dispatched Laurens Police to an Oakland Heights residence at 4:14 Saturday morning.

Lt. Jared Hunnicutt arrived a couple of minutes later at 4:16 am and reportedly observed a man standing near a window of the residence yelling and screaming profanities. When the man observed the officer, he fled on foot to the other side of the house.  Lt. Hunnicutt followed and reported witnessing the man throw a prescription pill bottle some 15 feet away. He continued walking from the officer following orders to stop. He also allegedly refused orders to get his hands out of his pockets. With the man still reportedly yelling and cursing, Lt. Hunnicutt got the man’s hands from his pocket and placed him in investigative detention, with handcuffs, into the rear of his police vehicle. 

The officer reportedly located the unmarked prescription bottle and found a small plastic bag inside. It allegedly contained 10 grams of marijuana and 4 blue pills identified as 10 MG generic Lortabs. The drugs were taken into evidence.

   40-year-old Ronnie Calvin “Flip” Lyons  of 1341 Eichelberger Road, Gray Court was then charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Possession of a Schedule III Controlled Substance and with Breach of Peace.

Meth Possession

   A Laurens woman was arrested by Clinton Public Safety at 7:35 Friday evening on drug charges. 30-year-old Whitney Leigh Maness of 1441 Highway 252, Laurens was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine and with Three Counts, Possession of Controlled Substance. She is accused of having small plastic wrapped baggies of methamphetamine on her person with a total weight of .430 grams on Friday.

She also allegedly had in her possession pills or portions of pills for three schedule IV controlled substances. Bonds on the four charges totaled $3,000. She was released from the Johnson Detention center over the weekend.

Who’s Been Driving My Car?

 The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Ora Park Road, Enoree at 2:02 Saturday afternoon on a report of $2,500 malicious damage to a man’s 2007 Chrysler. The man said he had been drinking and fell asleep, and someone took his car and wrecked it. He awoke to find it at home and damaged.

Arrest from Attempted Theft

  A Woodruff man was arrested this weekend in connection with an alleged theft attempt in the Lanford area of Laurens County. 35-year-old Chad Allen Stites of 452 Branch Street, Woodruff was arrested Saturday and charged with Burglary and Malicious Damage. Deputy Jimmy Johnson states in warrants that Chad Alan Stites Sr. broke into a building on Patterson Plant Road February 22nd without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein. The Deputy further alleges that the defendant did under $1,000 in damage to property of the victim by damaging an ignition switch. Bonds were set totaling $6,052. Stites remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Arrest in Metal Post Theft

   The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Wattsville resident Saturday in connection with an alleged theft last Friday. 49-year-old James Arthur “Cookie” Byrd of 11 Hammett Street, Laurens is charged with Petit Larceny. He is accused of taking away a metal post valued at less than $2,000 from a location of Edison Lane, Laurens on March 1st. A warrant notes that the defendant has two or more prior convictions for property crimes. Bond on the new Petit Larceny charge was set at $2,000 cash or surety. “Cookie” Byrd remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

Other Weekend Burglaries

 The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Walker Avenue Laurens at 9:50 Sunday night after a woman reported her residence had been broken into. She said while she was out between 5pm and 9:45pm, someone had kicked in the front door and taken $250 from her house.


Deputies were dispatched to Holland Drive outside Laurens at 6:24 last evening on a report that someone had attempted to break into a residence. A resident said she was gone between 3 and 6:24 pm and returned to find someone had pulled the screens off two windows on the front of her home. it appears entry was not obtained.


 The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Beattie Street, Wattsville at 4:12 Friday afternoon on a Burglary report. A man said that while he was in jail he was notified by his mother than his 73 inch flat screen TV was stolen. He got out of jail recently and made contact with the rental company, who told him he is still responsible for payments on the TV.

 The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to investigate a Motor Vehicle Theft from Interstate 26 at the exit 52 off ramp this weekend. A Spartanburg man said the vehicle broke down Thursday evening, and he didn’t have the means to have it towed then. When he returned Friday night, he found it gone. The vehicle was valued at $1,000.

 The LCSO was dispatched to a residence on Highway 252 west of Laurens at 11:53 Saturday morning on a Burglary report. A woman who was keeping an eye on the house while the resident is incarcerated checked to discover the front passenger side window of the victim’s car was broken out, and the lock on the storage shed is missing. While what may be missing was not immediately clear, damage to the vehicle was listed at $200.

Disturbance Results in Simple Possession

 Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Airport Road on a Disturbance report at 5 Saturday afternoon. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office had separated the parties involved when city officers arrived. One man at the scene who had just been released from jail on Crack Cocaine charges reportedly was found to have a baggy of marijuana. He was issued a citation for Simple Possession.