Meth Lab Sunday Night

   Laurens County Deputy Sheriff Brent Rushing and Sgt. Matt Veal responded to a location on Green Pond Road at 9:23 last night on a complaint that methamphetamines  were being manufactured there. A man responded to a knock on the door and let the officer’s inside. He reportedly gave consent to search. Deputy Rushing and Sgt. Veal reported smelling a strong chemical odor coming from an out-building. Inside that structure, Sgt. Veal allegedly located materials to make methamphetamines inside a plastic bag and on a work bench. Items included a battery that had been cut open, cold pack, coffee filters, a box of Sudafed blister packs and Coleman camping fuel. 

  No meth product was reportedly found, but the subject indicated he had swallowed it. EMS transported the man to the hospital for evaluation. 

 27-year-old Anthony Perry Wilson of 9745 Green Pond Road, Gray Court was arrested and delivered to the Laurens County Detention Center just before midnight last night.

He was being held pending warrants being obtained to charge him with Manufacturing Methamphetamine.