Store Manager Robbed Saturday Night

   A Robbery report dispatched Laurens City Police at 9:33 Saturday night to the Dollar Tree at 919 East Main. Two young males had reportedly left on foot around the back of the store. The store manager and a cashier were reportedly locking up for the night at 9:29. The manager states that as she was locking the door from the outside, she heard footsteps coming towards her. She said two subjects came from the side of the store, near big-Lots. One of the males pinned her against the front door of the Dollar Tree and took her star-wars themed purse, which contained the night deposit. Both then fled around the side of the store, toward the back of the building.

  The two Strong Armed Robbery suspects were described as black males between 14 to 18 years old. Both were of slim build, standing about 5’ 5” tall. The subject that allegedly took her bag with the store’s money was  wearing a black or navy shirt with blue jeans and cloth black and white beanie cap pulled down low over his face. The cap had two eye holes cut into it.  He reportedly fell once while running away. The second subject was described as wearing a white jacket with a hood. Officers patrolled the neighboring area and believe the two subjects got into a car to leave the area. Where one of the subjects had fallen while running away, officers found a change purse that had apparently fallen from the victim’s purse.

  The subject reportedly got away with the hand bag and $1,982.00. Also taken were personal identification papers and credit cards.